We created anagrams.io with the intention to provide the best anagram finder in the world, to the world. We hope you'll have as much fun as we did exploring the anagrams.

This project was build by Tom Nick and Taisia Tikhnovetskaya.

Tom is a software engineer by heart and loves to build products. He's always up for a technical challenge and to try out new technologies, but also likes to improve his UX and design skills.

Tom is currently working as Head of Software Engineering at the infographics.group, where he leads a team to create next gen storytelling tools.

When Taisia is not drawing furiously on her iPad, she's probably creating beats in Logic - just everything to create an amazing story. Taisia helped to create key visuals and the UX. She was also a great motivation.

Taisia is currently employeed as a infographis trainee at the infographics.group, where she's creating amazing stories to teach about complex topics.

When you have questions, go ahead and contact us.

The used datasets were created by Torsten Brischalle and can be found here. Some words are taken from datasets by Hermit Dave and can be found here.
Made by Tom Nick & Taisia Tikhnovetskaya